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For Investor

For vendor

What we need:

We need investment money in approx 150.000,-- eur

How many years will be investment money go back to invester ? Approximately in 6 - 7 years.

For what purposes we need money? For patents, product link,  production hall /rental/, for start /12 months/

Potencial of profit approx. 30 000 pcs x 100 eur /profit/ = 3 000 000 EUR in Slovakia

Potencial of profit approx. 1 000 000 pcs x 100 eur profit/ = 100 000 000 EUR in European Union

What we offer:

20 % our company VARIM

Experiences in production 10 years /including new technologies/

Experiences in sale 7 years

Fairness and agreements

Open communication

For more informations please contact our business person:

Mr. Martin Poklemba - Europe - Slovakia (in English or German Language)

Phone: 00421 948 033 735


For  salesman and vendor:

Terms for sale vendors:

Age 18 years and higher

Adhering to set retail prices for end customers

/failure to comply with price fine at the discretion from 500 to 10.000 EUR/

Payment single license for vendor deal /150 EUR/

We offer:

1-9 sold pieces with benefit of 50 eur/1 piece

10 – 99 sold pieces with benefit of  65 eur/1 piece

100 and more sold pieces with benefit of 70 eur/1 piece

Caution: sold pieces are counted together. This means if you sold 10th piece, you become benefit for 50 eur and for next pieces you become 65 eur. If yousold 100th piece benefit for this and next pieces are 70 eur.