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System VARIM-Mini is an optimal solution in modern kitchen. With unique timeless design a functions preddetermine our machine for stable helper in every household. System have a manual and automatic mode for warm drinks and soups preparation. Can be use it for cooking and blend, pastes, rise and chopped vegetables.

Food choice
Client can choose all ingredients for cooking, and is not limited types of food for soups and drinks preparation. He can freely consume own favorites foods in limits of the system. If you want diet healhtly, with our system will be this easy. We do not use instant capsules and chemical emulsiefiers. All depends only from consumer what kind of the food and quality will be eat.

Modern design
Of course is a sleek stainless steel casing and low weight. The casing is designed so, that can withstood fingerprints and fine scratches. Modern design not limited users. The color chosen by the user himself from 9 types of light and display inside the casing. So that you can adapt system VARIM-Mini to your kitchen color preferable.

Maintenance and cleaning
Washing is easy not only outside but also inside of the machine. It is possible to select parts designed to wash out of the system Varim. Each tray to loads the ingredients can beplaced on top of the machine. You can easily and individually choose them. One tray is designed for handling more spice together, like pepper or salt.

Supplies for this system are:

  •     visual and sound alarm detection for finished food, lack of ingredients and failure
  •     safety features when opening the door and exchange pot
  •     timer for start, stop and maintaning  the selected temperature
  •     memory for 25 foods according recipes, favorite foods statistics
  •     built-in hood digestor with filter
  •     pot with lid + 2 spoons
  •     and manual in three languages

Our system VARIM-Mini can be further extend with modules that allows controlling it remotely:
  •     Wi-fi
  •     SMS
  •     LAN

We believe that very innovations moves us forward. It brings important changes to our lives in a simplified manner. Our cook ing system VARIM is focused on users and their needs.

VARIM team